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Tony Caporicci Inc. was incorporated in April 1964, but the business was actually started
by Tony Caporicci in 1959. The company began in the residential sector, providing lawn
maintenance services in the summer and snow removal in the winter. In the late 60’s Tony Caporicci Inc.
entered the retail business by opening a nursery/garden centre and greenhouses. As the years
went by the company ventured into commercial, industrial and municipal work. By 1976,
his only son, Joseph, a graduate in landscape architectural technology from Ryerson
Polytechnical Institute in Toronto, joined the company full time. In 1993 Joseph Caporicci
became president of the company. Over the years Tony Caporicci Inc. has acquired a
reputation for delivering quality work and respecting the work schedules. In August 2006, the
company was licensed as a General Contractor, and became involved with interior
renovation work for both the residential and commercial sectors.
Tony Caporicci Inc. has always believed in providing quality work at the best price. Service
and customer satisfaction always come first.



Major Clients:

City of Montreal
Ville Saint-Laurent
Broccolini Construction
Pomerleau Construction
Le Groupe Mercille
Baron de Hirsch Cemetary
Lester B. Pearson School Board



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